Our Team

Ryan Eisele, Associate Vice President, HDR

“WCS is truly the industry leader in optimization. On both projects, WCS did high-quality technical work and brought innovative solutions to enable our client to determine the best long-term wet weather management plan for their most complicated basins. Our projects teams worked closely together and functioned as one true team. WCS has been a pleasure to work with, and I am excited to continue our partnership on future projects.”

Joel Wilson, PE     

Founding Optimization Specialist

Joel Wilson is a water infrastructure planning specialist and industry leader in optimization using intelligent algorithms. He has over 20 years of experience in modeling and strategic planning, and has specialized in the application and customization of Optimatics’ software since 2006.  In 2011, Joel founded WCS to help municipalities achieve practical outcomes using advanced digital water technology.

Julia Matton, MS, PE     

Director of Operations

Julia Matton joined WCS Engineering as an Optimization Engineer in 2020. Julia’s work in the water and wastewater planning field has supported long-term planning initiatives for utilities of every size across the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Julia’s broad range of experience across water distribution and wastewater collection systems informs her planning expertise from a holistic approach.

Andrew Faulkner     

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Faulkner is a water and wastewater infrastructure planning engineer with over 14 years of experience in water distribution and collection systems modeling, strategic planning, and alternatives analysis. He has worked extensively with high-profile water utilities and engineering consultants.

Lucas Djehdian, MS, PE     

Director – Brazil, Senior Optimization Engineer

Lucas Djehdian is originally from São Paulo (Brazil) and joined WCS Engineering as an Optimization Engineer in 2021. Lucas’ true value lies in his ability innovate by integrating water & wastewater hydraulic modeling, programming, tool building, GIS, and data analytics to deliver better solutions to the complex challenges facing our clients. Lucas is a primary implementer of optimization technology for WCS clients across the globe, and is the director of WCS operations in Brazil.

Andrew Rickert     

ANZ CSM And Hydraulic modeling coordinator

After seven years with WCS dedicated to hydraulic modeling and geospatial analysis in the Australian market, Andrew (aka Bobby) coordinates project delivery and client management in Australia while drawing on the vast experience of the WCS team.  With a 20-year background in field survey, integrated catchment management, education and strategic planning, Andrew has extensive industry knowledge and enjoys providing digital water solutions to suit the evolving needs of water utilities and consulting partners.  We look forward to Andrew meeting you at upcoming industry water events in Australia and New Zealand.

André Camalionte, MBA     

Optimization Engineer – Brazil

André Camalionte is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and joined WCS as an Optimization Engineer in 2022. André leverages his experience in the Brazilian water and wastewater sector with a strong background in hydraulic modeling, Big Data, data analytics, civil engineering, and environmental chemistry to efficiently deliver challenging optimization and hydraulic modeling projects to our clients across the world. André enhances the quality of WCS project deliverables by transforming complex data and results to a visual format that is clear, concise, and objective to meet our clients’ needs.

Luiz Maia, MGM, BSCE     

Senior Advisor – Brazil

Luiz has 40 years of managerial and investment experience in capital markets linked to commercial banking, investment banking, private equity, private banking and asset management in Brazil and overseas. From April 2017 to June 2020, Luiz was a board member of BRK Ambiental, one of the leading water and wastewater companies in Brazil.

Saša Tomić, Ph.D., PE, BCEE, D.WRE

Member of Board of Advisors

With close to 30 years of experience in the digital water management industry and 12 years of experience in pipeline-network modeling software development, Dr. Tomić provides a unique blend of practical, theoretical, and software development skills. He has worked as a designer of market-leading software applications, an advisor on the world’s most challenging utility planning projects, and as an international authority on digital-water computational science. 

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